Sustainable Environment and Green Building Research Center


Setting out from subtropical Taiwan, SEGB reviews current environment to promote sustainable circulation of natural resources through related research and education.  In addition, SEGB implemented the notion of environmental protection and saving energy by publicizing ¡§Green Building¡¨, in order to create a healthy and comfortable living environment.


Since human beings and the environment exist in one community, the demand for better living quality is on the rise.  Concerning the issue of balancing between constructing building space and managing sustainable environment, SEGB spare no effort in successfully playing the role of academic research and shouldering the responsibility of social environmental education, as well as assisting the government to establish an integrated management system in this field.  This is not only the constant belief of SEGB, but also our responsibility and obligation.

Features and Missions:

        After the establishment of SEGB, the centre will coordinate with national development plans to promote public living quality and technology, combine powers from the industrial circles, government institutions, academic circle and research centers, enhance relative research and development strength in applied technology, and fulfill the concept of sustainable environment management through publicizing sustainable environment and green building concept, so as to provide the public a healthy and comfortable living environment.

The mission of Sustainable Environment and Green Building Research Center is as follows:

1. Academic research¡XTargeting the ecological environment to proceed relevant research concerning sustainable environment and green building.

2. Planning and designing¡XApplying relevant research results and findings on sustainable environment and green building designs.

3. Technical advisor¡XEstablish relevant sustainable environment and green building technical database to provide technical advisory service.

4. Training programs¡XActively train relevant specialists to acquire the ability for executing relevant work.

5. Academic exchange program¡XBy arranging conferences, visits and research cooperation, SEGB undertake academic exchange programs nationally and internationally to update latest concept and idea for research and development ability.

6. Cooperation between government institutions and the academia¡XEnhance interaction with governmental agencies by participating in relevant research programs, assist in the implementation of national policies, as well as the institution of laws and regulations.

7. Cooperation between the industrial circle and the academia¡XCooperate with the industrial circle actively to promote the added-value of domestic architecture related traditional industry, enabling the industry to connect to the international sustainable development trend.


Sustainable Environment and Green Building Research Center (SEGB) , N.T.U.T

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