The goal of our department is to provide an excellent environment for practicing engineering technologies and training industrial personnel.

    The graduate program of our institute aims to provide an excellent environment and facilities with an emphasis on the balance of theory and practice, as well as the independent research capability. The educational objective of the institute has been focused on specialized knowledge of chemical engineering and those related to technologies in biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials science and technology, semiconductor process, fine chemicals, separation technology, cleaner production, electrochemical engineering, polymer materials, process engineering, catalyst and reaction engineering, environmental engineering.



    The faculty has been improving teaching and research qualities. Based on the trend in Taiwan industry as well as our faculty, facilities, and research results, our department focuses on the application of relevant chemical engineering theory in biotechnology, nanotechnology, special chemical products, pollution prevention, and high-tech. materials. In addition, it aims to develop key technologies for pollution-free production process.

    Thesis and seminar courses are required in this institute. In addition to its process engineering related core courses, the institute offers elective courses and researches in the areas of transport phenomena, polymer materials, semiconductor materials, nanomaterials, biomaterials, optoelectronic materials, separation technology, biotechnology, biochemical process, fine chemicals, cleaner production, environmental protection and pollution prevention, electrochemistry, phase equilibria, thermophysical property, molecular interface technology, and process engineering.  

    The graduate institute has laboratories equipped with special instruments. The laboratories include: functional and bio-materials lab., thermophysical property lab., membrane transport and separation technology lab., nanocomposite materials lab., electrochemistry lab., environmental colloids and biomolecular interfaces lab., computational fluid dynamics lab., electroanalysis and bioelectrochemistry lab., EMO nanomaterials lab., flame-retarded materials lab., polymer process lab., cleaner production technology lab., applied microbial technology lab., molecular biotechnology lab., biochemical engineering & molecular biology lab., systems biology lab., applied chemistry lab., electroless copper plating lab., nano-optoelectronic materials lab., material processing lab., nano-materials lab., crystallization technology lab., biomaterials & surface engineering lab., protein chemistry lab., and computer applications for graduate level research. In addition, the institute consolidates several precision instruments rooms with the relevant apparatus for thermal analysis, chemical analysis, and material characterization, such as SEM, AFM, FTIR, DLS, RM, LS, CD, TGA. These laboratories provide services to all our faculty members and students for their research and teaching needs.