Department of Civil Engineering

Building the infrastructures for the next millennium.

Graduate Institute of Civil and Disaster Prevention Engineering


● To accumulate knowledge in construction and disaster prevention and to cultivate highly qualified professionals in these areas.

● To study causes of disaster, disaster prevention measures, and reconstruction technologies.

● To establish a leading research institute of civil and disaster prevention engineering.


This Institute emphasizes on the development of practical technologies. For the past few years, in order to meet the needs of the society, we have been integrating faculty members with various kinds of expertise to form research teams to study subjects such as debris-flow prevention, structure seismic retrofitting, post-disaster spatial analysis, environmental protection, hillside hazard mitigation, construction safety, planning management, and supporting system of disaster prevention. Currently, the focus of these researches is on consolidating and strengthening the research projects conducted by our research teams. We will then cooperate with scholars and experts in relevant fields to develop new research areas. Our long-term goal is to become a leading institute in civil and disaster prevention engineering in our country.

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Department of Civil Engineering

Graduate Institute of Civil and Disaster Prevention Engineering

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