Department of Civil Engineering

Building the infrastructures for the next millennium.

Dept. of Civil Engineering

Education objectives

The Department of Civil Engineering is devoted to offering professional knowledge and techniques in the planning, investigation, design, testing, drawing, construction, examination and maintenance management of civil engineering related projects. The Department seeks to cultivate in students with research abilities in professional civil engineering fields and promotes the nationwide civil engineering environment, enhancing the techniques and quality involved in engineering.

The Graduate Institute of Civil and Disaster Prevention Engineering offers knowledge in the area of construction and disaster prevention. The institute specializes in integrating professional scholars and educators in civil, ecological and disaster prevention engineering to provide theories with applicability, practicality and breadth. The feature of the institute lies in the foundation of civil engineering with focus set upon ecological and disaster prevention. The establishing of a leading national research facility cultivates engineers with broad horizons and perspectives.

Our undergraduate and graduate studies

Department of Civil Engineering

Graduate Institute of Civil and Disaster Prevention Engineering

Dept. of Civil Engineering, NTUT

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Department features

● Stresses a balance between theory and practical work, and close affiliation with the engineering field to enhance the effects of education.

● Cooperate with the development in information technology and implement computerized and automatic practical education to offer training and specialization at a professional level.

● Research on the principles behind disasters and develop prevention or revitalization methods.

● Research on safety-based and ecological oriented civil infrastructures using the principals of ecological engineering.

Future prospects

The future focus of the education and research in the department will be placed continuously on the development of structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction management, ecological engineering, information technology, and water resource. The department anticipates training people with professional skills and techniques to enhance the current civil engineering environment within the nation and increase the productivity and quality of engineering. The department also expects to further promote the exchange of knowledge with other countries and advance our nation's international reputation.

Also, the department is eager to promote the application of computers on civil engineering in cooperation with the age of information. It is highly anticipated to integrate the evaluation, analysis, design and computerization of management with the engineering field and promote long term development of the co-op system with the integration of education, research and technical service.