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根據LASER FOCUS WORLD統計,2017年全球雷射源市場約124.3億美金(約3,729億新台幣),預估2018年全球雷射源市場約為130.6億美金(約3,918億新台幣)。隨著「光製造時代」的來臨,本實驗室結合光機設計、機電整合與光學檢測技術,發展雷射和電漿加工系統及其加工技術,應用於先進材料製程與產品開發。培養學生具備先進製造與系統整合能力,並於研究/學習期間讓學生與產業實質互動,銜接產業技術需求,提高學生畢業後就業機會。
According to LASER FOCUS WORLD, the global laser source market in 2017 was approximately US$12.43 billion (approximately NTD$372.9 billion), and the global laser source market is estimated to be US$13.06 billion(approximately NTD391.8 billion) in 2018. With the advent of the "Optical Manufacturing Age", this laboratory combines opto-mechanical design, mechatronic system integration, and optical inspection technologies to develop laser and plasma processing systems and their processing technologies for advanced material processing and product development. Students have the ability to integrate advanced manufacturing and systems. In the study/learning period, students are allowed to interact with the industry in real terms, to meet the requirements of industrial technology, and to increase employment opportunities after graduation.



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