CS523 Networked Game: Polar Snowball

Start with your snowball and roll!  Grow it bigger and crash into your rivals!  Play it online with your friends and have lots of laughs smashing cute polar bears into the ground.



multimedia products design

CS580 Computer Graphics : VR Motion

Our goal was to implement a fun a interactive virtual environment. We would like to emphasize that our main goal was not the most realistic physics simulation, but to create a game like cartoon environment applying all the knowledge we have learned from the class




3D Objects

Course Project (Computer Animation)

Facial features extraction /Facial expression animation from single facial image





Current Project: Sketch-based 3D modeling system [progject description]

Java3D Geometric Modeling (Course: Geometric Modeling) [pdf1][pdf2]
3D Thumbnail Demo (Java3D runtime requried)
Geometrical Modification, Texture Analysis and Optical Character Recognition (Course: Digital Image Processing 05)
Spatial database system with Oracle 10g (Course:Database System 05)
Google Suggest Using Ajax (Course:Web Technology 05)
Interactive multimedia authoring tool (Course: Multimedia System Design 04)
3D Shading/Rendering with OpenGL (Computer Graphics 04)
Speaker Recognition / Speech Recognition - connected digit recognition (Speech Signal Recognition 03)
HMM training of Baum-Welch training (Pattern Recognition 02)
Visualize information management and navigation system (monograph project 97)
implement an navigation system by imitating a commercial product that uses a 'thinking by linking' philosophy in which visual objects are used to structure and connect information items stored on the computer and Internet (