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Interaction & Innovation

  • Vision

    We see interaction design as an extension of the long-established fields of architectural, industrial, and graphical design. It is an interdisciplinary design that involve fast-growing computing technologies in communication and information, as well as changing human behaviors and social patterns. To this end, we offer courses that enable students to develop innovative solutions through interaction design that can be tangible or intangible, ranging scales from object to space, or even to urban.

  • Mission

    The two-year program is designed to offer parallel developments in design and research. For design, the goal is to expand students’ design capabilities for today’s interdisciplinary business; for research, the goal is to develop student’s research abilities to identify problems, envision current and future needs, and provide validated solutions to these problems and needs. To this end, we encourage students to explore their interests through the core courses in the first semester, choose a specific field of study and an advisor before the end of the first semester, acquire the desired skill sets required for their research, and develop a thesis project to conclude the program.

  • About the school and the program

    The National Taipei University of Technology, also known as Taipei Tech, was established in 1912. Since then, it has been one of the leading Universities that drive science and technology in Taiwan. The Department of Interaction Design was founded in 2009, offering 4-year and 2-year programs of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, respectively. The International Master Program of Interaction Design and Innovation was established in 2018 as an expansion of an already well-established academic master’s program with a global vison, admitting students from all over the world and collaborating with foreign universities through workshops and exchange programs. Thus, this program brings cultural diversity to the interdisciplinary learning environment that is located in downtown Taipei. For more information, please visit following links:


  • How to apply

    As the mission of this 2-year program is to develop students’ expertise to succeed in today’s interdisciplinary design business, we welcome students who have:

    • Basic design skills, willing to learn interaction technologies.
    • Basic programing skills, willing to explore solutions developed through design activities.
    • An education background in design and/or programming.
    • No background in design and programming, but have great interest in interaction design and are open to learn and engage.

    If interested, please fill out the application form and e-mail it to the program coordinator, associate professor Nan-Chin Tai.

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    Master Program of Interaction Design & Innovation

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