Research Topics

My current research interests include social Web mining, knowledge discovery, network and information security, peer-to-peer (P2P) retrieval, and cloud computing.

My Ph.D studies mainly focus on the lower-level networking protocols, and the topics include the network protocols, network management, network security, and mobile Internet. I worked on the issues in Peer-to-Peer Computing during the last year of my Ph.D study.

In my postdoctoral research, I worked on the problem of E-mail Filtering since Feb. 2003. In addition to participating in the Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) research and National Digitial Archives Program (NDAP), I also led the NDAP Digital Rights Management (DRM) team in conducting related research.

After joinging Taipei Tech, I tried to apply information retrieval techniques on security issues in higher-level information contents, such as multimedia content protection, and copy detection. With the huge amount of contents in social networks, I've been working on the effectiveness and efficiency of social Web mining using distributed resources in cloud computing.