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Security and cryptology related journals are listed together with their respective values as indicated in Impact Factors of SCI Journals 2001-2003 and Impact Ratings of CiteSeer Research Index (May 2002 & May 2003).
JournalSCI IF 2001-2003RI Impact 2002RI Impact 2003
ACM Transactions on Information and System Security (TISSEC)N/A1.711.76
Journal of Computer Security (IOS Press)N/A1.672.0
International Journal of Information Security (Springer Verlag) N/AN/A
Computers & Security (Elsevier Science)0.192, 0.085, 0.457N/A
Journal of Cryptology (Springer Verlag)1.486, 1.647, 2.8391.791.97
Designs Codes and Cryptography (Kluwer Academic Publishers)0.522, 0.500, 0.6230.310.36



Security and cryptology related conferences and workshops are listed together with their values in Impact of CiteSeer Research Index (May 2002 & May 2003).


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