Operating Systems, Spring 2021 (Graduates)

This course offers an introduction to the concepts and principles in modern operating systems. It consists of two major parts: Basic Components and Distributed Systems. Advanced topics such as real-time and multimedia systems might not be covered due to the time limits. The course is offered in the graduate program.

Course Information

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Tentative Schedule

NOTE: The tentative schedule and the slides are subject to modification.
1Feb. 23, 2021Course Overview
2Mar. 2, 2021 Chap. 1, Introduction
Chap. 18, Virtual Machines
Chap. 2, Operating System Structures
Exercise #1
Ch.1 & 18 will be skimmed.
Chap. 2 will be skimmed.
3Mar. 9, 2021 Chap. 3, Processes
4Mar. 16, 2021 (3/16: University-Wide Practice for Distance Learning)
Chap. 4, Threads & Concurrency
Processes and Threads in Linux (Chap.3 in ULK3)
Notes on Practice for Distance Learning
5Mar. 23, 2021 Chap. 5, CPU Scheduling
Process Scheduling in Linux (Chap.7 in ULK3)
6Mar. 30, 2021 Chap. 6, Synchronization Tools
Chap. 7, Synchronization Examples
Due: HW#1
7Apr. 6, 2021 (4/6: Compensation Leave)
8Apr. 13, 2021 (Leave for DASFAA 2021)
TA: Details on Term Project Proposal
(Team member confirmation)
9Apr. 20, 2021 Synchronization in Linux (Chap.5 in ULK3)
Chap. 8, Deadlocks
Chap. 9, Main Memory
Memory Addressing in Linux (Chap.2 in ULK3)
Due: HW#2
10Apr. 27, 2021 Chap. 10, Virtual Memory
Memory Management in Linux (Chap.8 in ULK3)
11May 4, 2021 (Midterm Exam) Due: Term Project Proposal
Due: HW#3
12May 11, 2021 Chap. 11, Mass Storage Structure
13May 18, 2021
Chap. 13, File-System Interface
Chap. 14, File System Implementation
VFS in Linux (Chap.12 in ULK3)
Chap. 15, File System Internals
Ch.13 will be skimmed.
14May 25, 2021
Introduction to Distributed Systems (Chap. 1 from DS3)
Architectures in Distributed Systems (Chap. 2 from DS3)
Processes in Distributed Systems (Chap. 3 from DS3)
Communication in Distributed Systems (Chap. 4 from DS3)
Naming in Distributed Systems (Chap. 5 from DS3)
DS3 Ch.1 will be skimmed
DS3 Ch.2-5 will be skimmed
15Jun. 1, 2021
Term Project Presentation (I)
Due: HW#4
16Jun. 8, 2021
Term Project Presentation (II)
17Jun. 15, 2021
Term Project Presentation (III)
18Jun. 23, 2021
Term Project Presentation (IV) 6/25 Due: Term Project Report

Homework Assignments

Please hand in your homework in paper form or in electronic files before deadline.
Programs or homework in electronic files must be submitted to me via our submission site as follows: There will be at least 3-4 homeworks in this semester.
  1. HW#1: Ch.1-3
    Due: Mar. 30, 2021
  2. HW#2: Ch.4-6
    Due: Apr. 20, 2021
  3. HW#3: Ch.7-9 (OSc, 9th ed.)
    Due: May 4, 2021
  4. HW#4: Ch.11-12 (OSc, 9th ed.)
    Due: Jun. 1, 2021

If you have any questions about the homework, please contact with the TA via e-mail.



  1. Midterm Exam: Apr. 18 - 24, 2021.

  2. Final Exam: Jun. 20 - 26, 2021.
    Note: There will be no final exam for this course.


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